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Kids Guitar Special, 3/4 Size Quality Beaver Creek Guitar with gig bag, and Five 30 minute private lessons! $210, taxes included.

These guitars look and sound great!
Zach and I Rockin’ Out!
Two Kings Playing “We Three Kings”
Christmas Came Early. Thanks Jack!
Emily passed her first guitar exam with honours! Congratulations Emily!
Friday Morning Guitar Lesson with Leanne. Jingle Bell Rock!
Carlos and I hard at it! “On Top of Spaghetti”!
Danitra is a new student. Solid playing, timing, and she can sing, too! Great Job!

Free for all my guitar students! Holistic Energy Routine and Tai Chi Classes. See link:

Thanks so much for coming by! I love teaching guitar, I love teaching people and seeing them grow musically as they discover this instrument that has given me so much joy over the years! I teach all ages, from 6 years of age all the way up and I’ve been doing this for over 20 years! I’ve been playing since I was twelve. I look forward to meeting you, your kids, your friends, your partners, aunts, uncles, whomever! If  you’d like a reference I can connect you to some of my present and former students. No problem!

Flexible Scheduling!!  Are you a shift worker? Parent? Do you have a rotating work schedule? No problem! I can easily re-schedule on a weekly basis….

First Lesson is Free!! Try a guitar lesson and see if learning the guitar is for you.

New Student Promotion for Kids! 

Guitar and Lessons Package: Includes brand new quality 3/4 size guitar, black gig bag, lesson book, and 5  30 minute lessons for only $210, taxes included!! $275 Value!

Songs some of the kids/teens are currently working on: “Shake it Off”, Taylor Swift and “Lost in Japan“, Shawn Mendes

Adam playing with great meter!

Caleb making it look easy!

Santiago rocking out to Teen Titans!

New Student Taylor working hard on those new notes! Nice Job!

Jack Playing with good tone and precision!

Emily trying a Free Lesson! (She loved it and is returning for regular lessons!) Update: working on lesson book and Taylor Swift song, “Shake it Off.” Nice!

Tia Rockin’ Her Leftie Tele!

John and I on the musical path! Turns out Bowie is also his favourite artist!

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Santiago playing drums during Kid’s Guitar Karaoke/Jam night! 

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