Do you teach beginners? I’ve never played an instrument before?

Absolutely! That’s how I started all those years ago. Most of my students over the years have been beginners. If you can count to four and tap your foot at the same time you can play the guitar. Come over for a free lesson and I’ll show you how!

Do you teach kids?

I love teaching kids! They never cease to amaze me and make me laugh!

Do I have to come every week?

Best that you do. Constant practice and having to play your lesson in front of your teacher makes you work harder and improve faster.  If you’ve already been playing a while and are looking for something specific we can work something out every two weeks, for an hour if necessary.

But there’s so much free stuff on the internet. Why do I need a teacher?

It’s human nature to want things for free. It’s also human nature to procrastinate when you don’t have to answer to someone.  There are great things being offered on the Internet these days, but  what I find is that beginners get so bombarded with so much material that they jump from website to website until their head is spinning and they don’t know what to study any more, and they get that old feeling of insecurity that says, “I really don’t know what I’m doing or how any of this stuff really fits together and I’m feeling confused by all this info”. I encourage all prospective students to build their house on a solid foundation,  not on sand, as the old parable says…At Walker Guitar Studio, I teach tried and true systems, and when you’ve developed a solid foundation as a guitarist you can move on and create your own system!

Do I have to learn how to read music and learn theory?

No.  I can teach you how to use tab and learn your favourite songs, although it  would be helpful if you have some playing experience. I do believe there will come a time when you’ll want to understand what you’re doing and why, but I certainly won’t stand in the way of your personal musical journey.

I’m a teen and I’d like someone younger and you just don’t look cool!

I’m laughing as I write this. Well, yeah I’m 52, but I’m young at heart. I listen to all the cool radio stations and my 19 and 21 year old keep me in check with what’s happening on the music scene.  Plus this is about you. So tell me what you’d like to learn and I’ll make it happen! Is that cool enough?

Don’t I get a better deal for my money going to a music store and taking lessons? They have a store front and you don’t. Aren’t they offering me a bigger bang for my buck?

No and no. My education and teaching system is easily on par with any teacher that  you will experience inside a store front business.  In fact my system closely replicates the one I was weaned on, that belonging to long time teacher Eric Golding, of Eric Golding Studio of Guitar, a man who easily taught thousands of students during his very lengthy professional full-time career inside his home studio. Two of my close friends spent four years with Eric and that set us on course for the rest of our lives!

Some parents feel they’re getting more for their children because they see a store front, but that is an illusion. Some may even put the word “Conservatory” in their name which, on a psychological level, triggers the customer to feel that their child is getting something special, or above average. In fact it’s a word that feeds the ego of the potential customer. That is just a marketing word, albeit a good one, but that’s all it is. Music is music and can be taught anywhere by a professional!

I’m all about personal service and care and you will not just be another number through my door, I promise you that. I care about my students and I’ll do anything to help them learn, including you!





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