Skype and FaceTime Guitar Lessons

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Learn Guitar From Anywhere in the World! Once we decide on a method that’s right for you you can order the books through the Sheet Music Plus Link below or order from me directly (don’t worry,  I add cool stuff in as we go so you’re not  just learning from the lesson books).  After each lesson the student receives a video/audio clip of myself playing the lesson so they know how it should sound when they are practicing. They will also receive additional Mp3’s, backing tracks, and sheet music through email as necessary.  Students can send in their assignments using Skype Video Messenger or Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 or, even easier, video tape yourself playing using your phone!!

Never miss a lesson when you’re out of town or on vacation. Learning from the comfort of your own home is pretty cool and convenient especially when the weather is poor or traffic heavy or you live in a remote area.

If you like I can mail you the lesson book, or purchase it yourself from the Guitar Tab Link below. I also teach rock and pop songs, strumming and soloing techniques.  If you’ve been playing for awhile and want to work on your favourite song give me a shout:

Sheet Music Plus Guitar Tab


It is important that your internet speed is fast enough to make the experience enjoyable (I use Broadband 50 from Rogers Cable).

Facetime and Skype Fees:

1 30 minute lesson $25 Cdn

10 30 Minute Lessons $200 Cdn

1 60 Minute Lesson $50 Cdn

10 60 Minute Lessons $400 Cdn

Accepted Method of Payment: Paypal.

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These books are a great way to build your guitar playing. They are tried and true. I liken them to pushups– they aren’t sexy, and are hard to sell, but they work!  Whether you want to play campfire tunes or deepen your guitar studies, there is something here for everyone!

Hal Leonard Book 1Hal Leonard Book 2Hal Leonard Book 3Hal Leonard Even More Easy Pop MelodiesHal Leonard Even More Pop MelodiesHal Leonard Easy Pop Melodies

Berkless Level 1Berklee Level 2Berklee Level 3Std. Book 1Std. Book 2Std. Book 3Std. Book 4Std. Book 5Std. Book 6Std. Book 7Std. Book 8