“I have recommended Dave to quite a few friends. Dave has the ability to teach kids while keeping them interested and focused while being fun. My son has a lot of energy and always wants to play, but Dave gets him to pay attention (a skill I wish I was better at). We have done a year with a larger organization and now a year with Dave, and my son has learned so much more with Dave.”–Lance Ruest, Santiago’s Dad

“Hands down the BEST guitar teacher in town !!!!
I would HIGHLY recommend Dave to anyone that is need of a patient and very knowledgeable guitar teacher .–Lori Deeley-Smith, Caleb’s mom

“The challenge of learning guitar at 40 can be a daunting and intimidating task for some, but not for those who have Dave Walker as their teacher! Dave tailored my lessons to my interests, which inspired me to practice much more. What I enjoyed most about Dave, aside from his professionalism, patience, and sense of humor, was his intense musical knowledge, as not only a guitarist, but also as a music-lover. My older hands and fingers don’t work as well as they once did, but Dave was able to show me some neat variations of playing certain chords differently, which made learning and playing much easier and far more enjoyable. Because of these numerous factors, I liked taking lessons, practiced more, learned quicker, and was able to perform for people much faster. This all greatly contributed to my success as a beginner guitar player. I have only been playing guitar for four months now and I have gigs lined up! That’s crazy! Thanks, Dave! You rock!”

–Rick M. , Guitarist and Vocalist, “The Tea Room Orchestra”

“I enjoy Dave’s teaching style. He has the knowledge and enthusiasm to propel me to a new level each week. He gives very good value. I see and hear new things from my guitar every day!”

–Rob W
Lead Guitarist, “Shaky Leg”

Hi Dave,

“Just a quick thank you for being a great guitar teacher. As an adult student, sometimes it’s hard to find time in a busy schedule to study the guitar. However, you make each lesson exciting and challenging, which makes me want to continue learning this wonderful instrument. For any adult students out there who have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, grab your guitar and head over to see Dave.”


“I called Dave, visited his home, had a lesson and was hooked and impressed right away, and I’ve been taking lessons with him ever since. It’s that easy, that simple, it’s not complicated. The Jam Night was fun and unique as I am just a beginner but it was a blast none the less.”


“My daughter and I have taken lessons from Dave for almost two years now. Dave’s teaching method involves learning to read and play music and then applying what you have learned to play popular songs or other music you like. I am amazed at what my daughter and I have been able to learn to play. Dave is very engaging and my daughter loves going to lessons (and I have no problem getting her to practice!)”

–Lars N.

UPDATE: “My daughter and I took lessons from Dave for several years. Dave is approachable and great with kids (adults also!). My daughter and I still play guitar today thanks to Dave”.

–Lars N.

“I found Dave’s weekly guitar Jam listed on Kijiji and decided to be adventurous! On arrival, I was welcomed, shown around the studio and made to feel at home. We got right down to playing with karaoke tracks, and after we were comfortable with the chord progressions, we “graduated” to using a moving chord chart to play from. It felt like band rehearsal Playing with others adds so much fun to the learning process. Dave shared bass runs, licks and bar chord progressions in songs as needed and we got to use them right away. He also encouraged us to use the microphone to sing lead or harmonies if we wanted to. Dave was an encouraging and supportive “band-mate” all night long and never pushed. I had a fabulous evening of learning, meeting new people and playing together!” Kathy H. adult guitar student