Guitar Lessons Hamilton

***Sorry, Not Accepting New Students***

First Lesson is Free!! Try a guitar lesson and see if learning the guitar is for you.

These guitars look and sound great!

Beaver Creek Guitars for Kids! Great tone and they stay in tune!

New Student Promotion for Kids! 

Guitar and Lessons Package: Includes brand new quality 3/4 size guitar, black gig bag, lesson book, and 5  30 minute lessons for only $220, taxes included!! $275 Value!

First lesson is Free, and that includes both in-studio and Online Lessons via Zoom.

Online Testimonials

Jeff, retired and ready to rock!
Mia agreed to have her picture taken. Great Lesson Mia! Nice job connecting the chords!
My Zoom student Don, down in Mexico, enjoying “Practice time, under the sun and in the breeze!”
Sadie taking a picture break. Sadie’s rhythm playing is excellent. Great work Sadie!

Skype Lessons!

Flexible Scheduling!!  Are you a shift worker? Parent? Do you have a rotating work schedule? No problem! I can easily re-schedule on a weekly basis….

Adam playing with great meter!

Caleb making it look easy!

Santiago rocking out to Teen Titans!

New Student Taylor working hard on those new notes! Nice Job!

Jack Playing with good tone and precision!

Emily trying a Free Lesson! (She loved it and is returning for regular lessons!) Update: working on lesson book and Taylor Swift song, “Shake it Off.” Nice!

Tia Rockin’ Her Leftie Tele!

John and I on the musical path! Turns out Bowie is also his favourite artist!

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Marilyn was quite nervous about taking lessons, but once she made it through the door she realized how much she enjoys learning and playing the guitar! She has a great sense of rhythm, is a quick learner, and keeps her eyes on the music! Thanks so much for the Christmas shortbread, Marilyn! They are excellent!

Don’s chord playing is excellent!
Steve, retired and determined! Welcome!
Helena learning news notes on the 5th string! Onward and Upwards!
Laureen, already an accomplished musician, decided to drop by and give the guitar a try. She’s learning quickly! Great job Laureen! Laureen also has a great sense of humour!
Alexis’s motto: If you want to get better, practice! And practice, she does! Great work Alexis!
Ted Rockin’ “Jingle Bell Rock” in the 5th position. Great job Ted!
Daniel’s last day in the studio (we took our masks off for a photo only). He’s moving to Alberta and will be continuing his lessons via Skype. Best of luck in your new job Daniel!
Karen! Great job today on 5th position work and CAGED System.
Amelia playing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight ” from the Lion King. In the spirit of Halloween she dressed the part! Nice job Amelia! We had fun!

Stay safe everyone!

Kids Guitar Special, 3/4 Size Quality Beaver Creek Guitar with gig bag, and Five 30 minute private lessons! $220, taxes included.

Pre-Covid Photos

Zach and I Rockin’ Out!
Two Kings Playing “We Three Kings”
Christmas Came Early. Thanks Jack!
Emily passed her first guitar exam with honours! Congratulations Emily!
Friday Morning Guitar Lesson with Leanne. Jingle Bell Rock!
Carlos and I hard at it! “On Top of Spaghetti”!
Danitra is a new student. Solid playing, timing, and she can sing, too! Great Job!
Rockin’ With Ryleigh!!
Olivia Perfecting the Rest Stroke!