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Christmas Gift Certificates!

That time of year is approaching and what could be better than the gift of music! Playing the guitar is fun and social, it’s not difficult to learn but you do have to put in the practice time. I never had a problem practicing because I was driven to improve and emulate my guitar heroes. I enjoyed improving and practicing, no one had to force me!

Gift Certificates!

Money tight? Can’t afford a private lesson? Good news! Starting January 2/2019 I’m offering group guitar lessons for absolute beginners. This Semester runs from Jan. 2 – March 20. I promise it will be fun and you will learn how to play the guitar!

Group Guitar Lessons Semesters 1, 2 and 3


Imagination and Music

“Everyone would like to be able to play a musical instrument. Ask anyone. The reasons will vary as to why they don’t play music. This desire is, I feel, built into the very essence of humans, their soul, the inner part of mankind which often doesn’t get a chance to be developed in our present educational system. Especially in music!
My question is …what have we done with the students’ original desire to play music? Have we nurtured it and made it rise like a flame or have we merely asked him/her to participate in a group effort which can be used as advertising for the school system, music director’s job security or other non-educational reasons? Do we EVER ask a student to use their IMAGINATION in a rehearsal or music class? Making music and using one’s imagination go hand in hand. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important that knowledge.”–Jamey Aebersold

I couldn’t have said this any better than Jamey so I thought I’d easier to simply quote this fine music educator.

Wynton Marsalis’ Rules of Practice

Wynton Marsalis’ Rules of Practice

1. Seek out Private Instruction
2. Write out a practice schedule. Practice fundamentals of your instrument.
3. Set goals to chart your development
4. Concentrate when practicing. If you can’t concentrate, stop and come back later.
5. Relax; Practice Slowly. Play it at a slow temp, then increase the tempo each day.
6. Practice the hard things longer
7. Play everything with expression. Use the maximum of expression. Always invest yourself; participate. Don’t be a cynic.
8. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you make a mistake, it’s not the end off the world. You learn from your mistakes. Also, develop your sound; allow your personality to come through. Work on special effects. Listen to good sounds.
9. Don’t show off; always play music. Those who play for applause, that’s all they get.
10. Think of yourself. Methods are just a way to do things. You may think of better ways.
11. Be optimistic. How you feel about living in the world is who you are. There’s nothing worse than pessimism coming through your instrument. Things will get better.
12. Look for connections to other things. No matter what you’re doing, everything is connected.

What’s best for You!

What are your musical goals? What are you struggling with as a guitarist?  What are your concerns, if any, around taking private lessons? Feel free to email or phone me and I will be more  than happy to answer your questions and help you on the road to being the guitarist that You want to be!