Imagination and Music

“Everyone would like to be able to play a musical instrument. Ask anyone. The reasons will vary as to why they don’t play music. This desire is, I feel, built into the very essence of humans, their soul, the inner part of mankind which often doesn’t get a chance to be developed in our present educational system. Especially in music!
My question is …what have we done with the students’ original desire to play music? Have we nurtured it and made it rise like a flame or have we merely asked him/her to participate in a group effort which can be used as advertising for the school system, music director’s job security or other non-educational reasons? Do we EVER ask a student to use their IMAGINATION in a rehearsal or music class? Making music and using one’s imagination go hand in hand. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important that knowledge.”–Jamey Aebersold

I couldn’t have said this any better than Jamey so I thought I’d easier to simply quote this fine music educator.