Monthly Guitar Karaoke/Campfire Jam for Kids!

Next Jam night Friday, September 27, 6 p.m! 

Please see more details at bottom of page.

Chords shown in chord diagrams are used in the songs.

“Wild Thing”

Shake Them Skeleton Bones

On Top of Spaghetti

“On Top of Spaghetti” Chords to Know to Play this song

C G D 

***Song below will not match the chords above. This song will help the student know how the song sounds before we play it using C G D.

“The Wheels on The Bus”

Chords for this Song

C G7

“This Old Man”

Chords for this Song

***Song below will match some of the chords. This song will help familiarize the student with the song sounds before we play an easier version using only two chords–C, G7

C G7

“This Song is Stuck Inside My Head”

Chords for this Song


“The Wheels on the Bus”

Chords for this Song


“London Bridge is Falling Down”

Chords for this Song


Santiago playing drums during Kid’s Guitar Karaoke/Jam night!

Safe, fun, well-lit environment with lots of room!

****If your child is not one of my students and you want your child to participate then please call me and we can decide if this is right for your child.  

First come basis, students get priority.

Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Last Friday of the month: 6:00-7 p.m.

Free for Students!

Max People per session: 10