Teaching Method for Adults and Children

Beginning Students:

Each student  moves at his or her own pace. Using the Standard Guitar Method , the student is guided through logical, step-by-step instruction with emphasis on proper fingering, hand-position, and note-reading–tools necessary to progress as a confident and secure guitarist. As they learn the basics, easy-to-play pop/rock standards are introduced . After the Standard Guitar Book 1, students build on the basics and begin to touch on some of the music that interested them in picking up the guitar in the first place. Position work, improvising, and soloing follow as the student progresses through the various guitar book levels. Tab can also be used as a learning tool but with strong emphasis on learning to read, play and understand music.  All beginning students are encourage to attend the Monthly Jam Session, but not required. The Monthly Jam  gives the students an opportunity to watch, listen, and share music with others who are also learning. It is a fun, non-judgemental environment where students can strum, solo, or just watch others make music with the studio quality backing tracks until they feel they’re ready to participate. All levels are welcome!

Some may benefit from the Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Books 1, 2, and 3 which moves quicker than the Standard Method and incorporates position playing/bar chords and lots of recognizable pop tunes which get the student playing songs right away in a more rapid succession.


Experienced players, both teens and adults, may want to refine and further their musicianship. They may feel stuck in their playing, or feel overwhelmed and confused by the flood of information on the Internet and not know how to really apply all this information. This can include learning a difficult song, figuring out Tab, understanding theory, and learning how to solo in any position on the guitar neck.

The serious-minded musician interested in Jazz and Improvisation and Theory will enjoy the A Modern Method for Guitar  (Berklee series music books) by William Leavitt. There are three books in the series that will challenge you and take your playing to new heights. William Leavitt’s books have been used by thousands of guitarists around the world. As Guitar Chairman of Berklee back in the 60’s Bill (William) pioneered the development of college-level pick/plectrum guitar education.  He also taught Dan Bowden, one of my Berklee Jazz Guitar Instructors! Guitarists indebted to William Leavitt: John Abercrombie, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Leni Stern, Mike Stern, and Steve Vai.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Method for Adults and Children

  1. I am interested in perhaps taking some lessons. I have a guitar, however don’t know how to play … have strummed a little, but realize I need some formal lessons.

    Based on my being advanced in age … (61), believe that private lessons is the way to go as I am likely not as quick to learn as a youngster.

    Rates and frequency would be nice.

    1. Hi Louise, you can definitely learn to play. Everyone learns at different rates, the key is to enjoy the process. I am 57, and one of my students is 62 so you’re in good company. First lesson is free! $20 per lesson, once per week. Thanks Dave

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