Monthly Karaoke Guitar Jam/Open Mic For Adult Students!

“I found Dave’s weekly guitar Jam listed on Kijiji and decided to be adventurous! On arrival, I was welcomed, shown around the studio and made to feel at home. We got right down to playing with karaoke tracks, and after we were comfortable with the chord progressions, we “graduated” to using a moving chord chart to play from. It felt like band rehearsal. Playing with others adds so much fun to the learning process. Dave shared bass runs, licks and bar chord progressions in songs as needed and we got to use them right away. He also encouraged us to use the microphone to sing lead or harmonies if we wanted to. Dave was an encouraging and supportive “band-mate” all night long and never pushed. I had a fabulous evening of learning, meeting new people and playing together!” Kathy H. adult guitar student

There’s something for everyone! You’ll get a chance to play music live, learn from others and share ideas. All skill levels welcome.  You can just sit and watch and play a chord when you’re ready, or jump right in! You can sing along if you like, or even try some easy bucket drumming.

Need a time out? Have a beverage (non-alcoholic) on the house and learn by watching and listening.

Chords and music (YouTube links) can be found  at the bottom of this page and can practiced for the Jam Sessions. We will play a lot of the same songs so people can get better at them. We play songs by artists such as  Johnny Cash,  Tom Petty, David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Bob Dylan etc. We play along with a song as the chords and lyrics flash up on a large wall-mounted monitor and the music plays through great sounding speakers, then afterwards we jam the song together as a group.

Nervous?? Don’t be!! If you can play three chords you’ll find that most songs contain the same chords over and over. You can sit on the sidelines until you get comfortable with the songs. I will explain some basic strumming patterns which you can apply to most of the songs. As the weeks progress you’ll start to “get” how to play the songs and can start singing and playing them at home or at the cottage or at a summer bbq.

No pressure at all. As I said, you can hang out on the sidelines and quietly mimick others and myself playing the chords and songs until you build up your confidence. We always start the Jams with simple songs so you’ll get a chance to get involved right away!! Over time you’ll be playing more and more songs.

The Jam is as much as social event as anything else. It’s a cheap way to have fun and offers great value. It’s also a great way to meet other people and make new friends!

I’m located in the Huntington Park Community. I love playing and singing songs. You don’t have to be a great singer, I’m certainly not! But that doesn’t stop me. Just a good attitude and a willingness to learn and have fun is all you need.

Totally supportive and non-judgemental environment. Even if you only know a few chords you can join in wherever you can. You will be helped by others in the group.

Safe, fun, well-lit environment with lots of room.

****If you’re not one of my students or a student referral or a friend and want to get involved call me and we can decide if this is right for you.  

First come basis, students get priority.

Last Friday of the Month: 7:00-8:30 p.m. 


Students: FREE!

Max People per session: 10

Song List (It’s flexible)

Cuts Like a Knife-Bryan Adams

Leaving on a Jet Plane-Bob Denver

Heroes-David Bowie

Have You Ever Seen the Rain-–CCR

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door–Bob Dylan

Twist and Shout-The Beatles

 Eight Days a Week-The Beatles

Get Back-The Beatles

Hurt–Johnny Cash

With Or Without You-U2

(you can use A Major chord instead of A sus) 

Wild Thing–The Troggs


Last Kiss-Pearl Jam

Light My Fire-The Doors

Rockin’ In the Free World-Neil Young


Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash


Summer of ’69-Bryan Adams

Big Hard Sun-Eddie Vedder

Eddie uses a capo on first fret, but we’ll play it without the capo. So if you jam along with this tune you’re guitar won’t quite sound right, but don’t worry, bring your guitar and we’ll all play without a capo.

Blowin in the Wind–Bob Dylan

Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen

I Won’t Back Down-Tom Petty

End of the Line-Travelling Wilburys


While My Guitar Gently Weeps- Beatles


Time of Your Life-Green Day

Free Falling-Tom Petty

Wonderwall Oasis